929. Balancing Aerospace Bodies on Industrial Balancing Machines


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D E McQueary, D G Stadelbauer: 929. Balancing Aerospace Bodies on Industrial Balancing Machines. 1972.



Many balancing and/or mass properties determination applications can be solved by industrial balancing machines. Other applications call for modified machines or special equipment developed solely for aerospace work. This paper discusses problems of evaluating industrial equipment by classifying machines into different categories, first from the standpoint of attitude of rotational axis and then from operational aspects.
Terminology in the industrial balancing field has substantially been standardized but it often differs from customary aerospace terms. Definitions, comments and sketches on industrial terminology explain the language used in this paper to describe horizontal and vertical balancing machines.
A lengthy Bibliography lists various sources of information and will serve the reader to obtain such standards, papers and other literature with details on various facets of balancing and mass properties determination as may be of interest to him.


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