933. A New Weight Data Information System


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G A Thompson, E W Traver: 933. A New Weight Data Information System. 1972.



This paper presents the major features of a new weight record system, titled WEIGHT DATA INFORMATION SYSTEM, which has been designed for use by Douglas Weight Engineering. The system objectives are discussed together with the rationale for their development. A description is given of the computer programs that are utilized to calculate and maintain mass properties data and to present these data in any desired format. The type of information stored in the data base and the output reports currently generated are defined. Related computer hardware and software are explained and some consideration is given to future developments. In addition to the illustrations in the body of the paper, copies of loadsheets and samples of typical output reports are presented in the Appendix.
Particular emphasis is placed on the flexibility and growth potential designed into the system. The significant gains in efficiency which are expected to be realized through the expanded data base and reporting capabilities are also indicated.


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