934. Advanced Design Weight Prediction – Passive Thermal Protection Systems


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H L Roland: 934. Advanced Design Weight Prediction – Passive Thermal Protection Systems. 1972.



An advanced design weight prediction system for estimation – – in the conceptual phases of design – of heat shields and bulk insulation is presented. Two basic structural concepts for heat shields are considered – (1) standoff clip-mounted single thickness shields mounted on continuous (e.g., plate-stringer) load-bearing understructure, and (2) double thickness shields in which the outer smooth surface transmits local airload through standoffs to an inner surface, usually corrugated, which is in turn mounted to a space-frame (truss) type load-bearing understructure. An approximation for thickness (weight) if any type of passive fibrous type bulk insulation is given in terms of external forcing temperature, exposure time, allowable back-face (structural) temperature arid the insulation material thermal characteristics.


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