971. Rocket Power, Redstone to Saturn V, Now Space Shuttle 20 Years of Development


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H R Palmer: 971. Rocket Power, Redstone to Saturn V, Now Space Shuttle 20 Years of Development. 1973.



This paper describes, from a Mass Properties Engineer’s viewpoint, the history of the development of large liquid-rocket-engine systems that led to the development of the F-1 and J-2 rocket engines that powered the Saturn V, the space booster/vehicle utilized so successfully in project Apollo.
A description of engines developed from 1951 to 1956 for military application includes engines for the Redstone, Navaho, Atlas, and Thor missile systems. The brief description of each also includes basic performance and weight data.
The Saturn V F-1 and J-2 engines are described in greater detail, along with a display of the weight history of each system and the impact of weight control on engine system weight.
The Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) is outlined in detail along with a description of the orbiter vehicle. Rocketdyne’s Weight Control Program is described. SSME weight control is effective and will produce an engine within contract weight limits. The role of the Mass Properties Engineer in rocket engine design is outlined along with a brief description of some of Rocketdyne’s mass properties computer programs.


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