994. Design in Composites Application to Aircraft Structures


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R Tetlow: 994. Design in Composites Application to Aircraft Structures. 1973.



The candidate filament materials namely carbon, glass, boron and a new addition to the range from Du Pont, PRD-49 are compared together with typical resin system properties.
The effects of the anisotropy of single and multi-layer composites are shown together with the design methods necessary to select the correct layer orientation in order to fulfill the loading requirement.
Design techniques for plain and stiffened compression panels are discussed and the charts shown for CFRP can be used to deduce the behavior of other plate edge conditions and stiffener shapes.
The results of these methods are used to demonstrate potential weight savings for aircraft structures particularly wings where stiffness criteria may eliminate both glass and PRD-49 due to their low specific stiffness.


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