1007. Military Specification for Weight Control Procedural Guide


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J T Werner: 1007. Military Specification for Weight Control Procedural Guide. 1974.



The 1972 Conference, Government/Industry Spacecraft and Missiles Panel, created an action item to write a Weight Control Group Charter. This charter was envisioned as being applicable to U.S. Government procuring agencies, i.e., DOD, DOT and NASA. The specification was to be constructed to work in conjunction with the current specs, MIL-SPEC-38310, MIL-W-25140 and MIL-STD-1374. This specification was to act solely as a document that would definitize the organization and procedures to be followed within a Weight Control Group. Hopefully this paper will be the first step that will lead to a standardized, industry wide, weight optimization, analysis and reporting group operation.


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