1011. A Computer Program for Parametric Sizing of Ballistic Reentry Vehicles


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S S Melvin, D C Mausser: 1011. A Computer Program for Parametric Sizing of Ballistic Reentry Vehicles. 1974.



A computer program has been developed to provide for fast parametric design of ballistic reentry vehicles. It has the capability to size a single vehicle, or class of vehicles, to achieve minimum weight within a given set of design constraints. Specific sizing techniques utilizing the program are presented and the results illustrated.
Input data includes performance characteristics, airframe characteristics, internal component requirements, and vehicle weight and geometric constraints. The output describes the final vehicle that meets the input constraints, and includes data such as weight and center of gravity of the total vehicle, airframe definition, and internal component arrangement. In addition, the weight and center-of-gravity summary, vehicle geometry, static margin, and ballistic coefficient are output for the initial and impact conditions.
This program is especially useful in advanced design because it can quickly identify vehicles meeting initial design requirements.


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