1031. Structural Weight Determination for SWATH Ships


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E L Aronne, F M Lev, N S Nappi: 1031. Structural Weight Determination for SWATH Ships. 1974.



This paper briefly describes a series of structural design and weight estimating procedures for
SWATH ships. Since very little prior knowledge exists in the area of reliable prediction of applied
loads, precise design procedures, and typical scantlings, studies were conducted to develop adequate
structural design methods. These range In complexity from gross weight fraction approximation, to a
volumetric density method, to an area density method developed for use in a SWATH Feasibility Synthesis
computer program, and finally to a more detail structural design using a modified version of the computer
program, Midship Section Design for Naval Ships. The effects on the structural weight of varying geometry,
sea-induced loads, local loads, and of changing the primary construction material to other higher strength
steels and/or aluminum alloys are presented. The assumed loads are cited, and the need for better local
and overall load definition is discussed. Opinions of the merits and shortcomings of these procedures are given.


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