1034. What Can a Ground Weighing System Do for Us?


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S J Fryer: 1034. What Can a Ground Weighing System Do for Us?. 1974.



This paper has been written to more specifically define the use of electronic
weighing equipment for industry; and, in particular, the aircraft industry.
The primary systems used by airlines are the load cell kits which fit on top
of aircraft jacks. The newer systems are platform scales, onto which the aircraft
is towed. The platform scales are used specifically for not only total weight and
center of gravity, but also calibration of the on-board weighing equipments found
primarily in the new wide-bodied aircraft.
Additional electronic scale systems are now being installed for the cargo weighing,
as well as individual baggage and sorting systems within the terminal. This is to
assist direct computer input and data enhancement.
The application of the new electronic scales is very important; primarily because
they are portable, they have accuracies of .l%, and they can be easily used in
different locations by inexperienced operators. A bad weight is typically worse
than none at all; therefore, the application and use of the electronic scales is of
great importance. At stake is the optimum use and safety of aircraft.


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