1046. Use of Statistics in the Management of Mass Properties


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M P Erhard: 1046. Use of Statistics in the Management of Mass Properties. 1975.



A recently developed method has proven useful in efficient management of
properties tasks. The method is a statistical analysis for determining
potential weight growth. Using data of estimated, calculated, and actual
weights from past designs for similar end items, the percent differences
between estimated and actual weights and calculated and actual weights
we determined and standard deviations calculated. Using tolerance factors
available from statistical tables, a family of curves is constructed for
each end item showing weight potential growth versus time. The effects of
potential weight growth on the useful load is then obtained. It can be
determined if the useful load margin is adequate, if changes to the vehicle
or software are required, and if the vehicle needs to be weighed. This method
has the advantage of showing how the weight growth bf an end item varies with time.


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