1080. Theoretical Versus Actual Seating Patterns in Wide Body Aircraft


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T L Shuler: 1080. Theoretical Versus Actual Seating Patterns in Wide Body Aircraft. 1975.



Where do people tend to sit in wide bodied aircraft?. Do present day mathematical models used for seating patterns developed
for the first generation of jet aircraft apply to double aisle,variable length,multi-service zoned aircraft? Is the sum of
individual zone seating variations established by these models adequate for the operational allowance curtailing the certified
center of gravity limits? In order to establish a basis for determining good load-ability for new aircraft design,what is the
expected pattern of a total multi-zoned passenger load?
Part one of this paper presents an analysis of two sets of data from one Boeing
747 operator. The intent is to attempt to answer or at least locate the problem areas of the above questions.


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