1082. Multi-Language Glossary of Weight Engineering Terms and Phrases


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LA Chapter: 1082. Multi-Language Glossary of Weight Engineering Terms and Phrases. 1975.



The scope of this Issue is generally limited to terminology applicable to commercial transport aircraft.
The project was prompted as a result of conclusions reached at the Air Systems Workshop of the 32rd Annual SAWE Conference held in London in 1973. Various problems related to international joint ventures were discussed, with the problem of 1anguage differences being considered of first importance. Several types of language aids were proposed, one of which was preparation of a mu1ti-language glossary.
The attached preliminary draft presents the current status of the project: The terms have been taken from various weight and balance manuals, load manifests, FAA pub1ications, ATA Specification 100, and released glossaries. All effort in compiling the data has been on a part time basis. Several other SAME members have made valuable contributions, including providing French and German equivalents of the terms.


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