1087. Load Cells Used to Certify Masses


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H A Nielsen: 1087. Load Cells Used to Certify Masses. 1975.



This paper describes a technique for using standard strain gage load cells to certify masses, as defined in a paper by Paul Pontius of the Nat.iona1 Bureau of Standards. Specific data and equipment is described and pictured for a recent verification of 10, 000 lb weights at Edwards Air Force Base, as performed by the Navy Standards Lab., Pomona, California.
While the technique is about ten years old, its review at this time is appropriate, since many agencies responsible for such work may not be aware of its existence. It was born during the urgency of the missile crisis, and perhaps did not receive proper publicity, particularly in commercial circles.
In view of the current explosive acceptance of electronic weighing in industry, which often must comply with regulations that are at best technically debatable, review of this technique highlights some measurement basics which have fundamental significance for better scale design and performance. These basics are summarized in ten design goal criteria.


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