1128. Valuing a Pound


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M J Coulter: 1128. Valuing a Pound. 1976.



What is a pound worth? That question is frequently asked during the design development of a a commercial transport aircraft. But it is a difficult question to answer. There is not simple finite solution to the worth of a pound.
Each change in weight of an aircraft, either up or down, must be carefully assessed for it’s potential utility. The questions ‘What does something weight?’ and ‘What does a pound cost?’ can usually be readily answered for current production, but establishing future value is extremely difficult. Recent economic reversals and inflation factors now make everyone wary of any type of prediction. Especially anything as complex as ‘What Cost’ for ‘What Weight’ produces ‘What Benefit’ in terms of either saving future cost or increasing future revenue. Who can readily determine the worth of a piano bar? At one time it was a desirable factor, but conversely today we see higher density passenger seating become an ever more dominate economic factor.
This presentation partially describes the many variables that must be considered in evaluating weight and cost. No answers to specific questions are offered, but some of the many economic considerations are presented in graphic format so that a questioner can maybe understand why it is so difficult to answer his question ‘What is a pound worth?’


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