1134. What Triggers Engineers?


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J G Lotta: 1134. What Triggers Engineers?. 1976.



Getting work done through other people has been the function of administrators from the early times. Any sizeable organization employs the professionals. It is the responsibility of the administrator to find out ways and means of having better productivity and raising the morale of these professionals. He has to find methods of triggering them. This study was undertaken to consider Professor Herzberg’s six motivational and ten hygiene factors so that the administrators could use them as tools for proper management. The result of the study has indicated that there are vast perceptual differences between different types of engineers. To supervising engineers the Control of Work was most important, whereas for non-supervising engineers the most important motivators were Meaningful Work and Salary and Fringe Benefits. The younger engineers attached more importance to Personal Growth and Financial Benefits, whereas older and established engineers preferred Meaningful Work and Personal Life as very important. Meaningful Work and Company Policy was considered critical by engineers with High School diplomas, while engineers with PhDs considered Accomplishments and Job Security as very important. The engineers entering the field of engineering also considered Meaningful Work and Ability of the Supervisors very important, whereas engineers with service of more than 21 years preferred Accomplishment and Company Policy. In short, this study provides an administrator with the tools of motivation to be used for different types of engineers, under different environments, to have a (10-10) organization, an organization with high productivity, integrated goals, committed employees, and high morale.


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