1180. The Quality of Work Life Organizational Development at Trans World Airlines


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A A Cross: 1180. The Quality of Work Life Organizational Development at Trans World Airlines. In: 36th Annual Conference, San Diego, California, May 9-12, pp. 6, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., San Diego, California, 1977.



Paralleling the need for increased productivity is the mounting concern to provide employees a work environment that lends itself to increased job satisfaction. Today's better educated employees are seeking greater meaning in their work and more responsible roles in their organizations.
At first glance it might appear that the issue of productivity and the concern for human needs in the workplace are in no way related. To some, attention to the latter will only detract from the former.
However, there is evidence inside as well as outside of TWA that a close relationship exists between increasing productivity and meeting human needs. There are strong indications that efforts to meet human needs in the workplace - to improve the quality of work life - must be a part of any effort to increase business performance. Moreover, experience has shown that progress can be made toward both of these objectives through the use of identical approaches.


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