1190. An Interpretation of the Navy Weight Control Program


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C R Wanker: 1190. An Interpretation of the Navy Weight Control Program. 1977.



The immediate objective of this paper is present to the Engineer who is about to enter the field of Navy Weight Control, a summary of the Weight Control Program with emphasis on those areas wich one can expect to encounter in detail design state of Weight Control. The basic assumption is that it is imperative that we impress on the engineer, new to our work, the importance of the Navy Weight Control Program to the overall ship design and thus to hopefully install a pride in this task and the incentive to be a useful member of the Weight Control Team.
In this treatise every effort will be made to accurately and informatively present pertinent facts and guidelines with regard to Weight Control as currently practiced. The intention is not, however, to provide the experienced Weight Control Engineer with a new text covering the policies of weight control, weight estimating and weight reporting.
The paper explains the purpose of weight control relative to naval vessel design with emphasis on the importance of timeliness, detectors of undesirable trends and devising of corrective measures. It stresses the importance of effective liaison between the design engineer and the weight engineer.


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