1200. Transactional Analysis in Supervision and Management


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Y P Dr. Manchanda: 1200. Transactional Analysis in Supervision and Management. 1977.



In his quest of getting the work done through people a manager is on constant look-out of new tools and methods. Transactional Analysis is one such new tool which originated in psychotherapy but has found tremendous application in management. An attempt has been made in this paper to define the basic concepts and terms of T and their application in the process of management. Terminology of TA is explained in terms of human personality the development of their ego states of Parent, Adult and Child in a person. The attempt is made to define Strokes-the rewards or punishments, Scripts-repetitive behavior, four Life Positions of I’m not OK-You’re OK, I’m not OK-You’re not OK, I’m OK-You’re not OK, I’m OK-You’re OK, and Time Structuring-the way a person would like to spend most of his time (Withdrawals, Rituals, Activities, Past Time, Games, and Intimacies). Communication between two persons is later defined in terms of transactions and their kinds which is followed by examples of typical transactions. How TA can be used is discussed later. A manager can use it to motivated, counsel, develop or understand his subordinates.


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