1209. Advanced Aircraft Weighing Systems


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S H Raskin, C R Ursell: 1209. Advanced Aircraft Weighing Systems. 1978.



This paper is presented to convey analytical and experimental results of a program sponsored by the United States Air Force to investigate the state of the art of force measurement devices, primarily as applied to aircraft weighing.
A 20,000-pound (9,072-kg) capacity load cell of new design was tested to a readout resolution of 1 pound (0.4536 kg). The load cell and readout was found to be linear to 0.0075% of applied load or 0.4 pounds (0.181 kg), whichever is greater, over a range of from 1% to 100% of the cell capacity. Maximum readout errors during tests under vertical weight force were 0.06% of applied load or 1 pound (.4536 kg), whichever is greater.
The effect of side loads, acting on the load cell during measurement of vertical weight forces, also was investigated. The effects of these side loads, equivalent to 30% of various applied vertical loads, produced up to 14 pounds (6.35 kg) of error in measurement of vertical force.
Tests further indicated that the new design has merit for application to weighing of aircraft on jacks, weighing on platforms, and other non-weighing applications as, for example, direct measurement of jet engine and rocket engine thrust.
Published specifications for typical commercially available measurement devices are examined herein. Calibration methods are examined relative to expected field conditions. Recommendations are made for reconciling equipment specifications and tolerances with expected field conditions.


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