1216. RAVES, A System for the Management of Design/Analysis Tools and Information


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H H Loshigian, J N Witte: 1216. RAVES, A System for the Management of Design/Analysis Tools and Information. 1978.



RAVES, Rapid Aerospace Vehicle Evaluation System, is a Grumman Aerospace Corporation computerized engineering analysis system. It embodies analyses amenable to formulation via computer programs and software to support use of the system in an interactive environment in conjunction with a data base management system.
In concept, RAVES enables participation by all twenty-six Engineering Sections of the Product Engineering Department at the Grumman Aerospace Corporation. To date, sixteen of these Sections participate in RAVES development work.
The number of computer programs formally brought within RAVES increases as time goes on. The system included two hundred and thirty-eight computer programs as of April, 1978. These programs can be executed individually or in particular sequence. Data interfaces have been integrated such that each program generates data in precise formats directly useable by subsequently employed computer programs.
RAVES employs both time share and batch computing systems. Associated system software is provided by personnel from Grumman Data Systems which is the computing services company of the Grumman Corporation. Engineers from the Grumman Aerospace Corporation specify the software required. These engineers also provide all programming for the engineering computer programs (technical modules) of the system.
Because of successes in saving both elapsed time and man hours for the completion of applicable analyses, RAVES procedures have become the accepted means for performing applicable work. RAVES development and use now receives support and endorsement from all levels of engineering personnel and management. This acceptance has been a gradual transition since 1967, based on demonstrated achievements of both RAVES and its predecessor system IDEAS, the Integrated Design Analysis System. IDEAS was also a computerized engineering analysis system, but with fewer technical disciplines involved and employing a batch computing system only (Reference 1).
System usage and performance are constantly monitored and recorded. These records are used to create reports which permit the RAVES Project Office to resolve problems as they occur as well as to determine the success of past development tasks and plan future ones. Cost analyses, based upon these records, have been completed to establish cost savings which result from RAVES usage. These cost analyses show a rapid return on investment.
RAVES development is continuous and is funded on an annual basis. The long term objective is t o continuously add more computerized analysis modules, in a step-by-step procedure, building toward an overall aerospace vehicle engineering system.


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