1237. A Statistical Approach to Naval Ship Weight Estimating


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P H Kern: 1237. A Statistical Approach to Naval Ship Weight Estimating. In: 37th Annual Conference, Munich, West Germany, May 8-10, pp. 18, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Munich, West Germany, 1978.



Effective weight prediction methods are an essential element of the U. S. Navy Weight Control Program. Ratiocination method is currently used to estimate three digit element weight data for preliminary and contract design level weight estimates. This method is considered inadequate when no parent or similar ship is available. This paper presents an approach that utilizes standard empirical curve fitting routines to develop equations including associated standard deviation values. These equations and standard deviation values are used to arrive at one digit group level weight with a corresponding standard deviation. This method is not new but its application to marine weight estimating has been very limited.


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