1265. Weight Uncertainty Analysis for Space Shuttle Reinforced Carbon-Carbon


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J H Henson, R N Staton: 1265. Weight Uncertainty Analysis for Space Shuttle Reinforced Carbon-Carbon. 1978.



A new material, Reinforced Carbon-Carbon (RCC), recently developed by Vought for application to the Space Shuttle has presented some unique problems to the Weight Engineer. Density of the material is changed during each of the several production processes. Weight changes during processes are closely monitored and used as a quality control tool. A technique has been developed which uses this preliminary weight data to predict final part weights and tolerance bands on predicted totals. This development has allowed accurate prediction of final weights and early reduction of contingency weight. This paper provides a brief description of the RCC material and process, a description of the analysis techniques used a listing of the computer routine developed for application of the techniques, and results of the analysis.


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