1283. Analog Aircraft Weight and Balance Computer


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T D Boldt: 1283. Analog Aircraft Weight and Balance Computer. 1979.



An analog weight and balance computer was developed for single -engine aircraft in response to a need by general aviation pilots for this type of air. A detailed background is given for the reaons for the author to develop the computer. The relative merits of the analog vs the digital computer are explained and the reasons given for the use of the analog techniques. In this respect, the use of the pior and his understanding of aircraft weight and balance and the factors affecting aircraft balance are considered. The construction and layout to the computer are explained and the influence of pilot feed feedback on the design are discussed. The extension of the computer for use in general aviation twins, cargo operations and heavy aircraft are discussed. The accuracy of weight and balance computations is analyzed to determine the accuracy necessary in the subject computer. Approximate examples are given for various aircraft categories.


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