1341. Development and Testing of a New Technology Weight and Balance Indicator


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H K Nelson: 1341. Development and Testing of a New Technology Weight and Balance Indicator. 1980.



New technology has been applied to the design and development of a cockpit indicator for aircraft weight and balance data. The system overcomes the design, reliability and maintainability deficiencies of previous systems and promises to provide sufficient operational reliability to be certifiable as a primary loading system.
Extensive laboratory and flight testing is preceding the introduction of the new system into airplane service. The system is now available in production configurations for several aircraft and will become operational on most types of commercial transport aircraft in the early 1980’s
The new system is not only free from most of the problems of previous systems, but offers many operational features – such as in-flight weight/CG data, auto zero, auto-calibration, low tire detection – which were impossible on earlier systems. Thus, the new system is expected to set new standards of performance for the 1980’s.


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