1356. Subcontractor Weight Control


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A R Tilt: 1356. Subcontractor Weight Control. 1980.



The current trend in aircraft design and manufacture is to subcontract a larger number of structural segments to other companies. As more countries expand their technical capabilities, many aircraft sales are now tied to work sharing programs, which include the design and manufacture of aircraft segments at offsite locations all over the world. Several major programs have utilized this concept. The prime contractor provides the overall program management and also provides the facility for final assembly.
The diversification of design responsibility, the mechanical relationship of one segment to the other and the individual technical expertise of each company complicates the task of weight control for the overall program. Effective subcontractor weight control requires a plan that is flexible and adaptable to cope with these problems. It is equally important that the prime and subcontractor work together through implementation of this plan to achieve a mutual goal of minimum weight. This paper examines these complex problems and offers guidelines for the management of a workable weight control program for subcontractors.


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