1360. The Informal Communication System


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H H Hoskins: 1360. The Informal Communication System. 1980.



In early February of this year I was asked to prepare a paper for presentation for this, your thirty-ninth annual convention. The papwears to explore Informal Communications Systems in organizatioans seen through the eyes of someone who has lived and experienced it as opposed to just having observed it. I was very flattered and accepted immediately.
My original thoughts about an approach designed to be insightful and reflective, of my experience were that I had a great deal to say on the subject of communication. However, as the time drew near for the actual writing of the paper, it became apparent that there were underlying factors affecting communication patterns that needed to be included if indeed this paper was to be meaningful.
In dealing with informal communcations systems it is necessary to look at the structure of the system and the factors that directly impact on the functionality of the system.


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