1364. Cost Aspects of Weight Control


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W P Stewart, D G Oldfield: 1364. Cost Aspects of Weight Control. 1980.



The effects of a weak attitude to weight control at the design and fabrication stages will be seen from the drawing board through the majority of the life of an offshore installation. Other speakers at this symposium will describe the various approaches that are at present being made to the problem of weight control and its implementation. Nevertheless, all evidence leads one to consider that the practice of weight control as a rigorously imposed discipline is still in its infancy in the offshore industry. Mistakes still happen and they cost time and money on practically every offshore project.
The purpose of this short paper is to try to summarise the principal cost penalties arising from lack of due regard to weight control from the time of engineering scheming of an installation through the life of a project. The paper of course can only be indicative as in practice, projects vary widely in their circumstances, facilities and engineering content.


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