1392. A Method of Analyzing Actual Automotive Weights


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J Webster: 1392. A Method of Analyzing Actual Automotive Weights. 1980.



In the last decade estimated car weight as well as actual car weight have taken on new importance in the automotive industry. This is due to both market pressures which have arisen with the advent of the fuel price rise and to increases in the number and stringency of government regulations. Buick has recognized as a result of these and other factors, the need for an organized weighing program at start of production each year. This requires a weight analysis system that delivers:
1. Timely analysis and
2. Concise functional data representation.
The type of weight analysis system needed to reach this goal is dictated by the volume of data necessary to verify the weight estimates. Buick markets over 300 model-engine combinations and in each case calculated estimated weight for both the total car and also the front, rear, and four wheels. This volume of data requires a computer management and analysis system. Figure 1 is an overview of the system. Three separate computer systems with human data handling and decision making between them are necessary.


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