1412. An Interactive Weight/Cost Analysis Program


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J W Pieper, T F Reed: 1412. An Interactive Weight/Cost Analysis Program. 1981.



The Weight/Cost Analysis Computer Program is used by General Dynamics Convair Division to evaluate engineering change proposals. The input is generated by mass properties engineers and the output is used by the Contracts and Estimating departments. It is written in Fortran IV and used on the CDC Cyber system as an interactive program in which the user answers command prompts. The program reads data prepared according to a system of codes identifying drawing number, weight, dissimilar parts, pieces, shop processes, material form, and material type. The program has two major functions: the sorting of data for particular reporting requirements and the analysis to produce the reports. It also adds new data to, and – maintains, a weight history file. The user enters project name, reports desired, and whether to produce an analysis or just to store the data. Reports available are weight, dissimilar parts and pieces for in/out configuration changes by Engineering Change Proposal, drawing number, work breakdown system number, design section, material, usage, or a combination thereof.
The information produced supports engineering, tooling, factory, material, and quality assurance cost estimate.
The project requirements for engineering cost data are satisfied by the weight/cost analysis program and are a function of total weight and dissimilar parts by configuration design section and drawing count, while the information calculated for tooling, factory, and quality assurance costs are a function of the sheet metal shop, machine shop, composite shop, manufacturing techniques, specifications, and configuration versions. Material cost analysis requirements are a function of weight and kind of material, the type and form of material, and subcontractor parts.


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