1414. Derivation of 757 Nacelle Strut Weight From Finite Element Analysis


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J W Burns, J G Hutton: 1414. Derivation of 757 Nacelle Strut Weight From Finite Element Analysis. 1981.



From conceptual design through initial design release, finite element analysis techniques were
used for structural analysis of the RB211-535C nacelle strut installed on the Boeing 757-200.
Weight estimates were derived using finite element descriptions as the basis for the structural
definition. The weight estimation procedures were dependent on WBS team interpretation of
the real structure based from the finite element model. These procedures involved developing
correction factors to apply to model element geometry. Each factor is comprised of the added
effect of several subfactors unique to a particular phenomenon for which an individual finite
element weight is adjusted. Expressed as a function of the finite element physical shape, less
than twenty subfactors are used to factor the weight of many hundreds of elements. The weight
factoring procedure was applied to the 757 strut finite element model. Those results are shown
and compared to the calculated weight.


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