1421. Effective Presentations – All You Wanted to Know But….


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G W Balthrop: 1421. Effective Presentations – All You Wanted to Know But….. 1981.



In today’s highly technical, competitive society the ability of a company or individual to sell an idea,
proposal, contract, or item of merchandise usually hinges on the ability to effectively present data.
Therefore, it is essential to all of us that we be able to prepare and deliver an effective presentation
that best sells our products, our company, and ourselves.
Literally thousands of books, periodicals, and papers have been authored on the subject of communication
processes and hundreds more on public speaking and presentations. The intent of this paper is to deal solely
with preparation methods, development,and briefly on the delivery of an EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION. Since the
primary visual aid in use today is the viewgraph, the emphasis of this paper will be on that technique.
This paper will not attempt to summarize the vast amount of data available on the subjects of communication
and presentations, but to highlight the elements of an effective and successful presentation.


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