1430. Fuel and Weight Saving Potential of the All-Electric Airplane


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W Parks: 1430. Fuel and Weight Saving Potential of the All-Electric Airplane. 1981.



The all-electric airplane uses electricity to power all functions normally powered by the hydraulic
system and by engine compressor bleed air.
Hydraulic actuators are replaced by electro-mechanical actuators, servo valves are replaced by
digital logic, a vapor cycle refrigeration unit and cabin air compressor are driven electrically,
and de-icing is accomplished with resistance heating.
Direct-driven samarium-cobalt generators and solid-state power conditioning units eliminate
mechanical constant speed drives and oil coolers. Higher transmission voltages and a distributed
bus concept reduce the weight of power wiring.
Digital multiplexing of all signal wires further reduces wire weight and provides a self-diagnostic
Elimination of the entire hydraulic and bleed-air systems and advanced power generation equipment result in a large weight saving. Elimination of bleed-air extraction provides a significant
fuel saving.


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