1460. Weighing of Small Naval Vessels


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G J Birch: 1460. Weighing of Small Naval Vessels. 1982.



The weighing of small vessels on load cells is suggested as an alternative to displacement check. The weight of the vessel is determined by subtracting the weight of the vessel’s dedicated cradle from the weight of the vessel and cradle. The procedure for measuring these latter weights is described. The Results of the weighing of USS AQUILA (PHM 4) are used as an example to illustrate analysis of collected data. When conducted carefully, the procedure yields results that vary by less than 0.04 percent but they have not been compared to an acceptable displacement check. The longitudinal of the vessel, supported in its cradle is shifted to the direction of greater overhanging moment from its waterborne longitudinal center. The magnitude of the shift has not been calculated. The magnitude of the transverse lever of the ship cannot be accurately determined from weighing; however, the direction of waterborne list may be indicated.


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