1482. Quality and the Automated Production Facility


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H K Burbridge: 1482. Quality and the Automated Production Facility. 1982.



What we seek to do in TREND ANALYSIS is to discern i n what fashions, in what manners, and along what directions industry and all of its support services is m0ving. We attempt to prognosticate from this, based on some knowledge of the past based on our perception of the present what might well occur in the future. This then is the theme of this tutorial. It will show us a little bit of history and what is happening today. It will show us by present authenticated evidence what has begun to happen , and to prognosticate on the future. It will move into the domain and try to highlight some of the changing Scene for the Quality practitioner and the sociological implications of what is going to happen in the very near future. These points of interest will be expanded successively in the text.
QUALITY AND THE AUTOMATED PRODUCTION FACILITY: Automation, which has been with us for some time is increasing at an ever greater pace. To bring that into focus let us consider that times are still changing. Quality is still quality but methods to achieve it are undergoing dramatic modification.


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