1494. Have You Done Your Homework


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R L Wilson: 1494. Have You Done Your Homework. 1982.



This paper points out the need for the weight engineer to be an engineer, first, with an expertise in weights. TO effectively influence the decision making process for changes to his program, he must do his homework and understand all aspect of a change and all of the individual impacts to the total program. This is true whether the change is a weight reduction item originated by the weigh engineer, or a change he evaluates as a team member.
First, to understand changes, the engineer must know his program. He should know the cost, production plan, the support plan, the contracts and the specifications, as well as any formal or informal guidance given to the program.
Then, to evaluate changes the engineer should go through a check list of items to identify the impact of a change to the total program. This would include the reason for change, performance change, operation capability effect, the impact on reliability and maintainability, survivability, logistics, cost, retrofit plan and milestones, as well as his responsibility for weight analysis. He should know how will make the final decision and if a deadline exists.
The weight engineer should gather the data, document the sources, prepare a memo, and make specific recommendations for a decision, recognizing weights as one of the important aspects of the change, but in proper perspective.
Because most of our work is with ‘changes’ this is a continuous process.


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