1504. Fundamentals of Dynamic Balancing


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Richard Boynton: 1504. Fundamentals of Dynamic Balancing. 1983.



Most tutorial papers on dynamic balancing discuss the concepts in general terms, but fail to include the necessary mathematics the engineer must have to make use of these concepts. This paper attempts to fill that void. The merits of hard bearing vs soft bearing balancing machines are reviewed and some new conclusions are drawn in light of present day technology. Balancing corrections are discussed from a practical point of view, various types of balancing machines are described, and the advantages of each are summarized. Advantages of the new computer-controlled machines are outlined, including their capability of simultaneously balancing in three axis, calculating angle of inclination of the principal axis, and their remarkable ability to learn from their mistakes in the same way that an experienced balancing machine operator learns special techniques to improve the accuracy of balance. Finally, some comments are made on the practical limits to which various objects can be balanced.


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