1511A. A High Accuracy Instrument for Measuring MOI


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Richard Boynton: 1511A. A High Accuracy Instrument for Measuring MOI. 1983.



This paper describes an instrument which measures the mass moment of inertia of a test object
about a vertical axis, and locates the center of gravity along two axis perpendicular to the
vertical axis without the need for re-positioning the test object. This instrument is capable
of high accuracy over a wide range of test object weight and moment of inertia, and permits
the measurement of moment of inertia about an axis which does not pass through the center of
gravity of the test object. The instrument is based on a spherical gas bearing. An inverted
torsion pendulum provides time period data which can be easily related to test object moment
of inertia; center of gravity is determined by measuring the offset moment and dividing by the
weight of the test object.


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