1515. IDAS – Putting the Pieces To-Gether


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D A Robinson: 1515. IDAS – Putting the Pieces To-Gether. 1983.



This paper describes an interactive aircraft design system currently being developed by Rockwell
International under contract to the Vehicle Synthesis Branch (VSB) of the Wright Aeronautical Labs
at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The system is known as IDAS and is comprised of geometric description,
mass properties and aerodynamic analyses, performance and synthesis, and report modules. The design
approach used for system development is the integration of existing programs into a single unit to
provide a conceptual design tool which uses statistical (or level one) analysis techniques to initiate
an aircraft design sequence prior to a more detailed design study. Interfaces to maintain database
consistency and increase the depth of study are also to be included to allow continuation to a preliminary
design level.
The system is being developed on a PRIME 750 minicomputer using Tektronix graphics terminals for design
and graphic output and alphanumeric terminals for the remainder of the system.


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