1533. Fundamentals of Naval Surface Ship Weight Estimating


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E K Straubinger, W C Curran, V L Fighera: 1533. Fundamentals of Naval Surface Ship Weight Estimating. 1983.



This paper describes how ship weights are estimated. Detail is presented concerning relationships
between existing weight data and the characteristics of a new design as it developed from completion
of feasibility design through contract design. Margin requirements are also discussed. The weight
estimating ratios and factors presented, while not directly associated with a specific ship type,
cover the weight classification groups one would use in the design of a surface combatant. The purpose
of this paper is to present the fundamentals of weight estimating to the ship design community. With
this knowledge, ship design engineers and managers should be able to personally identify with the
important parts they all play in creation of a credible (or incredible) weight estimate.


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