1556. Interactive Analysis of a Large Aperture Earth Observation Satellite


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R L Wright, D D Deryder, M J Ferebee, J C Smith: 1556. Interactive Analysis of a Large Aperture Earth Observation Satellite. In: 42nd Annual Conference, Anaheim, California, May 23-25, pp. 21, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Anaheim, California, 1983.



A system level design and analysis has been conducted on an Earth Observation Satellite (EOS) system
using the Interactive Design and Evaluation of Advanced Spacecraft (IDEAS) computer-aided design and
analysis program. The IDEAS program consists of about 40 user-friendly technical modules and an
interactive graphics display.
The reflector support system and feed mast of the EOS spacecraft are constructed with a box-truss
structural concept, a lattice configuration which can be packaged for delivery in a single Shuttle
flight and deployed in orbit. The deployed spacecraft consists of a 120-m by 60-m parabolic reflector,
a 120-m-long support structure, and a 30-m feed arc beam on the focal axis. The spacecraft was modeled
for structural , thermal , and control systems analysis and structural elements were designed. On-orbit
dynamic and thermal loading analyses were conducted and spacecraft weights were determined.


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