1581. Applying Shear Beam Load Measuring Techniques to Portable Platform Scales for Aircraft Weighing


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H Nelson: 1581. Applying Shear Beam Load Measuring Techniques to Portable Platform Scales for Aircraft Weighing. 1984.



WWEICO’s Aircraft Weighing System uses a highly accurate and sensitive technique of load measurement by sensing shear deflection in the weighing platform structure. The basic weight measurement technique has been proven in WEICO’s on-board weight and balance system in numerous aircraft applications, and when used with digital electronic computation provides a modular, easily transportable system which is adaptable to any size airplane. The system is designed to measure gross weight to within 0.10 percent and to calculate center of gravity to within 0.2 percent MAC.
The weighing system is built from five portable components: The platform scales, scale access ramps, the spacer platforms, the cable assemblies, and the digital system electronics; the number of each component type required is determined by the types of aircraft to be weighed.
The weighing process is easy and straightforward. One or two men are required for unloading the scales and ramps from their mobile storage container and positioning them for the weighing. One cable assembly is connected from each scale to the computer.
The computer guides the operator through the weighing procedure from the time of cable connection, by providing ‘prompts’ on the CRT display unit. The aircraft is rolled onto the platform scales via the access ramps. The computer interprets the output from the scales via the access and displays the gross weight and center of gravity on the alpha-numeric display unit. A hard copy printed record of the weighing is provided. Personnel require only a few minutes training to learn to operate the system.
The computer can also interface with the WEICO on-board WBTMS for calibration purposes by use of a special interface card allowing the on-board system to be automatically calibrated from the ground without anyone on board the aircraft.
The system sets new standards of performance and provides many new operational features to facilitate the required periodic aircraft weighing and weight record-keeping process at minimum cost to aircraft operators.


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