1601. Mass Properties Control – Program Inspections, Necessary and Useful


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J R Kelley: 1601. Mass Properties Control – Program Inspections, Necessary and Useful. 1984.



When a ship is in the design phase, the dimensions, power, strength and arrangements are influenced by estimates of the mass properties of all items to be included in the ship. Experience has shown that despite extreme care in this initial estimating, the mass properties of the ship do increase during the design development and building periods. If a ship is allowed to grow beyond the limits set forth in the basic design, it will not only restrict its operational capabilities but may reduce service life capabilities through costly ballasting, rearrangement or shifting of loads or other severe corrective action. In any ship design, a mass properties control program must be applied beginning with the first feasibility studies and continuing through preliminary design, contract design, detail design and construction. During detail design and construction, the mass properties control program includes a group of functions broadly classified as monitoring and. control. Monitoring includes functions that verify the mass properties estimates and control functions are those which cause the compilation of ‘before-the-fact’ reports, detect trends, and evaluate corrective measures in a timely manner. Mass properties control, then, requires a continuous inspection system to be implemented and maintained to ensure compliance with program requirements throughout detail design and construction.


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