1604. “”Tico”” Planning and Building a Small City


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L J Beausoleil: 1604. ''Tico'' Planning and Building a Small City. In: 43rd Annual Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, May 21-23, pp. 14, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia, 1984.



This paper will trace the planning and development of the Guided Missile Cruiser CG 47, TICONDEROGA ('TICO'), comparing the evolution of the ship from its conception through its completion to that of Planning and Building a Small City.
Phases which will be compared will include the Planning, Development of the Design, Physical Characteristics, Form of Government, Utilities, Facilities and the material required to build this city.
The purpose of the paper is to depict the many commonalities and similar considerations which exist in bringing to life a functioning city and an independently operating warship.
The intention is to help the reader realize that getting a new class of ship to sea is more than simply marrying a combat system to a hull. It will high light the 'TICO' as a self-sufficient, independent floating 'city'.


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