1638. Superplastically Formed/Diffusion Bonded Titanium Technology Transition Case Study


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J Sorensen, D Bouchard: 1638. Superplastically Formed/Diffusion Bonded Titanium Technology Transition Case Study. 1985.



Superplastic forming/diffusion bonding (SPF/DB) of titanium will be used in a new primary airframe production application, the F-15E aft fuselage, providing the Air Force a significant reduction in acquisition cost and weight. This application provides a good case study in the transition from Research and Development to production – and demonstrates how a systematic, well-planned R&D thrust, coupled with the appropriate production opportunity, can show a good return on DoD R&D investment.
The sequence of R&D work on SPF and SPF/DB titanium over the past 10 years includes Air Force Material Laboratory sponsored Metallurgical Characterization and Manufacturing Technology programs and Flight Dynamics Laboratory sponsored Design Studies and Advanced Development programs. This R&D work includes most of the primary airframe manufacturers. DoD has invested a total of $23 million in this technology, and IRAD expenditures by the airframe manufacturers are probably on the order of an additional $10 million.


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