1695. Weight and Center of Gravity Determination on Ground and Airborne


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H Drachenberg: 1695. Weight and Center of Gravity Determination on Ground and Airborne. 1986.



Since the early 1960’s various On Board Weight and Balance Systems were developed and offered by the equipment industry to satisfy the need for an easy maintainable system which performs reliable and repeatable information of Total Aircraft Weight and Center of Gravity (C.G.) with an adequate accuracy on ground. This presentation will reflect the history and the today’s status of Weight and Balance System (WBS) development in the relationship to the experience made by MBB as a partner of Airbus Industries. Problem areas, escpecially on the WBS-sensor side, will be identified and discussed. For specific applications, such as the A310-300 aircraft with a Trim Tank system, the determination of inflight C.G. position and its control became a necessary engineering task. The second part of this presentation describes a system configuration which allows actual inflight C.G. determination, and to control and manipulate the C.G. position using the medium of fuel.


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