1723. A Fully Automatic Mass Properties Machine


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Richard Boynton, D Green: 1723. A Fully Automatic Mass Properties Machine. 1986.



This paper describes a fully automated mass properties machine which measures center of gravity, product of inertia, and moment of inertia. All three measurements can be made from a remote location without the need for any operator interaction with the machine. Furthermore, the machine then produces an illustrated report of test data, complete with a drawing of the test part which shows the datum reference points. This machine is also probably the most accurate mass properties machine in the world. Although originally designed to have unbalance reduction ratios of 97%, ratios better than 99% are generally achievable, so that the object under test can usually be balanced in a single run. Center of gravity measurement is typically better than 0.001 inch. The machine has numerous special features, including the calculation of principal axis tilt, the ability to map the available locations for unbalance correction weights (so that the machine will not specify a disallowed location), prediction of unbalance force at the selected operating speed from measurements made at a slow speed, and the safeguarding of secret data.


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