1734. NOTAR Helicopter – A New Approach to Helicopters


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A Logan, K Kumar: 1734. NOTAR Helicopter – A New Approach to Helicopters. 1986.



This paper discusses the development and flight test phase of the NOTAR helicopter. The NOTAR shows promise to replace the conventional tail rotor. The NOTAR provides the main rotor antitorque and maneuvering which are normally provided by the tail rotor. The NOTAR program was conceived by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Company (formerly Hughes Helicopters, Inc.) and a prototype NOTAR was built by modifying a OH-6A helicopter. This NOTAR is going through the flight test program. So far the flight test results indicate that required antitorque and maneuvering forces are being produced by the NOTAR and also show improvements in vibration, acoustics and handling qualities.


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