1806. Controlling Mill Tolerance on T-Agos 19, Interim Report


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J McMahon, K J Meche: 1806. Controlling Mill Tolerance on T-Agos 19, Interim Report. 1988.



Steel plate constitutes about 50% of the lightship weight on the T-AGOS 19. Mill tolerance would normally add 5% to the actual weight of the plates as rolled. Through the utilization of Controlled Gage Plate on this project, McDermott Marine Construction is experiencing an actual mill tolerance of 0.7%, with 40% of the ship’s plates weighed as of march 16, 1988. If this trend continues, a net saving in excess of 1.5% of lightship is projected. This paper outlines standard plate tolerances and McDermott’s experience with actual weights using Controlled Gage Plate. Charts and graphs summarizing actual weights and tolerances are included. Controlled Guage Plate is defined. Comparisons with Precise Weight Plate are made. Recommendations regarding the use of these mill services are offered.


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