1820. A Look at Tomorrow’s Civil Tilt Rotor


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J B Wilkerson: 1820. A Look at Tomorrow’s Civil Tilt Rotor. 1988.



Tiltrotor development has progressed over the past decade from the very successful XV-15 flight demonstrator program to the current V-22 full scale development program. In 1985 a civil tiltrotor study was jointly sponsored by FAA, NASA, and DOD to evaluate and document the potential of the commercial tiltrotor market. The results of that study show that a substantial share of the shorthaul market of the Northeast Corridor can be captured by civil tiltrotor aircraft, assuming that IFR-certified vertiports are available around major hub cities. This paper presents some of the preliminary design effort supporting the study. It shows the engineering aspect of modifying the baseline military V-22 to a civil configuration and examines a larger, all-new, civil tiltrotor design.


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