1829. A Low Speed Dyunamic Balance System


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D L Jones: 1829. A Low Speed Dyunamic Balance System. In: 47th Annual Conference, Plymouth, Michigan, May 23-25, pp. 14, Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc., Plymouth, Michigan, 1988.



An existing low-speed dynamic balance system at TRW has been upgraded to handle larger and heavier spacecraft. The upgrade included both the balance machine and the aerodynamic enclosure around the machine. The balance machine is a vertical-axis, single-transducer, hard-bearing machine designed to hold a weight of 5000 pounds with a center of gravity 15 feet above the machine. The upgraded aerodynamic enclosure is a cylinder 26 feet in diameter and 29 feet tall. External fans are used to rotate the air in either direction at speeds up to 12 rpm to reduce the aerodynamic loads on the spacecraft. Dynamic balance operations were performed on test models that were 24 feet in diameter with various heights and weights. An asymmetric aerodynamic appendage was used in some of the operations. The test results showed that the upgraded balance machine operated properly and that the aerodynamic enclosure performed the intended function of reducing the aerodynamic loads. The working range of the balance machine is from zero to 2000 inch-lbs of unbalance moment. A resolution and short term stability of one inch-lb of unbalance moment was demonstrated with a 5000-pound mass model.


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